• Bespoke Home Cinema: A Journey Beyond the Screen

    Step into a world where every frame comes to life, right in the comfort of your home. Our bespoke home cinema solutions are more than just technology; they're an experience. From the immersive sound that surrounds you to the intricate details that set the mood, we craft cinematic spaces that resonate with your unique taste. Let us transport you to the director's vision, creating an ambiance that's not just about watching, but truly feeling every moment.
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Embrace the reality: a dedicated home cinema room is a luxurious indulgence, and that's precisely how we want it to feel!

Movies hold a certain enchantment, whisking us away like no other art form can. Our passion lies in crafting magical spaces that elevate this cinematic experience, transporting you to the very destinations the director envisioned. 
We achieve this by incorporating not only state-of-the-art black boxes and speakers but also by delving into intricate details such as wall fabrics, lighting, and seating. 

Our goal is to ensure the room perfectly aligns with you and your family, providing an unparalleled fit and comfort, like a glove tailored just for you. 

Music Everywhere

Our profound passion for music led us into the realm of smart home and cinema. 

Regrettably, over the past two decades, we've witnessed a shift from dedicated music spaces to small 'smart speakers' prioritising minimising size over sound quality. However, we take a different approach. Our aim is to provide your ears with the superior audio experience they truly deserve, whether achieved through concealed speakers throughout your home or a dedicated listening room.

Smart home

We consider ourselves exceptionally lucky to have worked in some of the most beautiful homes across the UK With well over 20 years experience working in these amazing spaces, we have learned exactly what our clients love and more importantly what they don’t love quite so much. 

The key for us is simplicity - a smart home should work around you, giving you a little more of your precious time back. Oh and when you do have to interact with it, it should be super simple.  

WiFi everywhere

In today's world, fast home broadband has become more than just a luxury; it has evolved into the 4th essential utility for every home. 

We ensure that you experience reliable WiFi right from the moment you step through the front door, extending its reach throughout your home and even into the garden. Whether it's catching up on emails or enjoying the captivating content of our fantastic home cinemas on Instagram while relaxing outdoors, we've got you covered. Moreover, we take things to the next level by offering solutions for homes lacking fast broadband connections. Additionally, we can set up WiFi schedules and content limits to protect your little ones from the alluring grasp of the iPhone/tablet. Rest assured, parents will always have access to a separate network free from restrictions, unless you prefer otherwise. Your family's digital well-being is our top priority.


The most expensive cable is the one you didn’t run - bet you’ve heard that before! 

When building or renovating your home, planning is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient When building or renovating your home, planning is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of various technologies. It allows homeowners to identify their specific needs and preferences and select the right devices and systems accordingly.
Planning helps in determining the layout and infrastructure requirements for seamless connectivity and automation. It also enables homeowners to consider future scalability and flexibility to accommodate emerging technologies. 
Proper planning ensures that the smart home is tailored to meet individual requirements, enhances convenience, promotes energy efficiency, and requirements, enhances convenience, promotes energy efficiency, and maximizes the overall value of the investment. value of the investment. 

Lighting and shading 

When designing of renovating your home Smart lighting and shading systems should be built into the fabric of your home. 
These exciting and innovative technologies not only enhance our daily lives, but also have a significant positive impact on energy consumption and cost savings. 

Smart lighting systems allow for precise control over the brightness and colour of lights, creating the perfect ambiance for any situation while also reducing unnecessary energy usage. Additionally, smart shading systems enable efficient management of natural light, optimising energy efficiency by automatically adjusting shades based on sunlight intensity and time of day. 

By integrating smart lighting and shading into our homes and workplaces, we can create comfortable and sustainable environments while reducing our carbon footprint. 

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